Red Earth and Pouring Rain

by twinink on August 25, 2010

Most of the time, reading is an exercise in eye-brain coordination.  Words are printed on a line.  Your eye scans the page.  Your brain processes and retains the information.  It’s a unconscious action, as recreational as tossing a baseball or riding a bike.  But once in a while, a piece of literature transcends the physicality of reading.  The words lift off the page and flutter, iridescent butterflies, that halt you in your tracks and demand you pay attention.

We’ve been reading Vikram Chandra’s lush, glorious first novel “Red Earth and Pouring Rain”.  And on page 19 the following passage struck like lightening on a tuning rod.  We thought it only fitting to share:

“I tried to cast my mind back and bring up memories that could be transmuted into stories, but could only think of the richness of the world, of its verdant profusion — the delightful perfume that issues from queen-of-the-night as its flowers slowly open, the croaking of frogs, the silver tops of the moon and they mysterious shadows, the swaying of the tree-tops and the way voices carry at night, the way a soft hip fills the palm of a hand, solid and comforting.  Overpowered, I thought: we are blessed, and how strange it is that we can learn to hate even this, that we forsake these gifts and seek release; the sheets are cool and smooth below me, and this I am grateful for, I can feel the breath slide in and out of me, and this I am grateful for; surely, this must be enough, to feel these things and to know that all this exists together, the earth and its seas, the sky and its suns.”

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Seen your website via yahoo the other day and absolutely find it irresistible. Continue the great work.

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