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by aaron on August 15, 2010

Row, row, row your boat… merrily merrily merrily merrily.   Life is but a dream.

At 33, Roz Savage had it all.  A great job, a husband, a big house, a red sports-car.  She was living the dream… only it wasn’t really her dream.  A sense of overwhelming and inexplicable dissatisfaction would wash over her like an ocean swell.  It wouldn’t fade.  It only got stronger with each passing, unfulfilled day.

So Roz sat down and wrote an obituary.  For herself.  How it might read if her life continued down the standard, secure path she was currently on.  Then she wrote a second obituary.  And in this one she put all the unrealized hopes and dreams of the idealized adventurous life she could lead if she dramatically shifted her whole world.

Side by side, she decided she wanted her death to read as a testament to boldness and daring in life.   She quit her job.  Left her husband, her house, her car… her perfect life behind.  She jumps tracks.  She leaps blindly into the void.  And she’s never looked back.

Now Roz is 41 on her way to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean from North America to Australia.  She’s already crossed the Atlantic alone, a feat that took 103 days at sea, 3000 miles of brutal physical and mental punishment that broke all of her oars and nearly broke her spirit.  And yet she’s never been happier.

Roz rows nearly 10,000 strokes a day.  The distance from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii alone… 2598 nautical miles.  In other words, one million oar strokes.  And that’s not even halfway across the Pacific!  The key is to take one stroke at a time.  It’s a technique Roz applies to every aspect of her life.  In her own words: “If I just said, ‘One little oar stroke isn’t going to make any difference,’ I’d still be standing in San Francisco. What I really wanted to do was let people know they can make a difference. Every action counts.”

And Roz is making her personal mission count toward a larger purpose.  Through her daily blog postings,(yes from her rowboat in the middle of the ocean) and semiweekly podcasts,Roz is raising awareness about environmental issues (such as pollution and plastics) in our oceans.  She’s a member of the Blue Frontier Campaign: an organization focused on seaweed (aka. “marine grassroots”) efforts.  She is using her project and her voice to inspire people to change

In her own words:  I believe that if you don’t keep pushing the boundaries, keep expanding your comfort zone, your comfort zone actually gets smaller and smaller, until you’re shrink-wrapped in such a tiny comfort zone that you can’t move, you can’t achieve anything, you can’t grow. And so I keep pushing, keep developing, keep evolving. I keep showing what an ordinary person can do when they put their hearts and minds and souls into it.

It’s amazing what people can achieve when they step outside of fear and foolishly, brazenly follow their bliss.  (Although, let’s be honest, when you have a name like Roz Savage, you’re sorta destined to be a legendary badass.)

Still, let Roz’s accomplishments be a warning and a lesson to all of us.  We’re all headed toward that eventual 200 word obituary in the Sunday times.  Make sure the life you lead now reflects the marked memory you hope to leave.  If it doesn’t, do something about it.  Today, now.  One little stroke at a time.

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