Wedding Poem

by aaron on July 19, 2011

We two now one

I would like to say it was always this easy
the gathering and casting of petals
the white cake perfectly sliced
the pilgrim promise of pressed palms
But once you were two cities
stranded on broken continents
two shadows playing hide and seek
parallel paths close enough just
to never touch

In the labyrinth of youth
what unspooling thread guided you to each other?
In what mad workshop did you learn
how to tie your lives into this tapestry of two?

We stumble into love, we fail, we fly
Perhaps we were not meant for wings

Still we have made our mecca, one by one
All that we were wearing like tattered thrones
We scatter across the salt sky
Into the company of love we are joined again
by this night that unites us
Where kiss by kiss, seed by seed
you two have planted a garden of promises
until that desert space between two people
discards its arid solitude
and the heart’s secret geometry
at once dismantles
Cities pull anchor and drift together
Continents collide

Here at last you see
how the trees and tide had destined you
for these hands of wicker
when your fingers weave together the basket
of affection, and all that falls between
will be caught and treasured
like a thousand sea-stained shells
And the wind growl of the ocean
that whistles through the eaves, will blow back
the curtains in the house that you’ve built
on the shores of tomorrow
where barefoot and sand-swept
you two will walk, hand in hand
collecting sunsets

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